About Pucks with Pro's

Pucks with Pro’s is dedicated to providing you with memorable Hockey experiences. Get off the couch, get out of the stands, and get on the ice with an ever changing group of former NHL Hockey players. Why pay to just watch when you have the opportunity to participate?

Great experiences for all levels of players, as well as fans of the great game of Hockey. We are a Not for Profit Organization that organizes events for you, the fan, and than donates all proceeds to charity.

Contact us for opportunities to host an event, participate, or sponsor.


Hershey – A 2023 Event is being planned for March 24 – 25. If you would be interested in a unique sponsorship opportunity and help a great cause, contact me at puckswithpros@comcast.net


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Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition: Over $150,000 and a ton of awareness raised over the last 15 years.